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Welcome to Bee Natural Honey. South Florida’s premium supplier of local, unfiltered, uncooked honey for over 40 years.

Majority sourced from local bee keepers across South Florida from Lake Okeechobee to the Florida Keys, complemented by limited top quality Caribbean sources. Bee Natural carries several varieties of honey, each differing based on the cornucopia of flower and nectar sources the bees harvest.

In addition to our focus on procuring honey local to South Florida, our bottling process is geared to minimize any heat or filtering in the bottling process, to ensure our honey remains as close to raw as possible.

Our mission to retain the unique bouquet of sugars, enzymes, and pollens found in local south Florida honey to ensure our customers get the tastiest, most wholesome honey that nature intended.

Enjoy your visit to our site. Feel free to visit us at our facility in Homestead. And thank you for your business.




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